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Write Comments in HTML

Learn the different ways to write comments in HTML , where you can and cannot put them, and how it can help you write code.

Headless Theme for WordPress

How to create a theme for a headless WordPress install. Even when the front-end of your site isn't displayed by WordPress, you still need a theme.

Deploying a React App to Netlify

After you've built your headless WordPress front-end, you'll want to publish it. This is process for how I published mine to Netlify.

Troubleshooting WordPress AJAX

Troubleshooting AJAX issues in WordPress is tricky. Use these two ways (and a tip) to debug AJAX issues while building your plugin or theme.

Code Sample Styling

While redesigning my site, I wanted to customize the way code samples are displayed. Let's look at the options I explored.

PHPUnit tests and WP-CLI

Do you know 100% if that 'simple' code change in your plugin broke something? Setup PHPUnit to add tests and get more confidence in your code changes.

Editing the README

The WordPress Plugin Boilerplate include a typically README file needed for any plugin. Explore the eight parts and what to do with them.

Using the Plugin Generator

Learn how to start your next plugin simpler and faster using the WordPress Plugin Generator, including all the options and what they mean.

Understanding the Loader Class

Understand the central file for the WordPress Plugin Boilerplate, how it works, how to register hooks and filters, and additional parameters available.

Why Use the Boilerplate?

Here are seven reasons why you should use the WordPress Plugin Boilerplate to make WordPress plugins in the second post in the series.

Parker and WordPress Menus

Using the CSS tool Parker can help you fix your theme's menu styling. Learn the filters you'll need to make your WordPress menu styling simpler.

Simplifying WordPress Menu Styling

Using results from the CSS Tool Parker, you can simplify the WordPress menu styling with a combination of custom classes and a menu walker.

Creating a Baseline for Parker

In order to optimize the Underscores stylesheet using the CSS tool Parker, we need to start by creating a baseline, so we can compare the changes.

Installing Parker

If you want to use the CSS analysis tool, Parker, you first have to install it and set it up. Here's the six step process.

ArtistDataPress Expiration

In case you haven't heard, ArtistData is shutting down, so the ArtistDataPress plugin will also be shutting down as of October 14.

How to Link to the Customizer

You won't believe the simple solution for linking to the Customizer in WordPress. You can also link to panels, section, and controls too!

Avoiding get_theme_mod Errors

If you're getting an error related to the get_theme_mod function, the solution is simpler than you think. Check out this solution.

Using WordPress Plugin Boilerplate

Watch the video of my presentation about using the WordPress Plugin Boilerplate, get the slides, and follow along with the code samples.

WordCamp Dayton 2015

I'm doing another WordCamp presentation! This time, I'll be speaking about the WordPress Plugin Boilerplate at WordCamp Dayton 2015. Join me there!

SimpleMap Shortcode Reference

The WordPress plugin SimpleMap doesn't have great documentation. This post stands as the unofficial shortcode documentation.

Inline SVG the Sane Way

Using SVGs in WordPress is awesome, but junking up your code is not. Keep your sanity. Use SVGs in your code like this.

Child themes for WooThemes

Instead of altering an existing theme, the best practice is to create a child theme. This is the hidden secret to styling child themes for WooThemes.

Building Your First Widget

Watch the video of my presentation about building your first widget from WordCamp Nashville 2013. You can also follow along with the code samples.

WordCamp Nashville 2013

I'm speaking at my first WordCamp! I'll be speaking on 'building your first widget' at Wordcamp Nashville 2013, join me there!

Returning a submit button

The WordPress submit_button function normally echos the submit button. Find out how to return it, like from a function, instead.

How to Add a Class to a Metabox

Toggling the visibility of a metabox using a form requires the metabox to have a custom class. This is how to add custom classes to a metabox.

Find User ID by User MetaData

Getting a particular user by their metadata is not possibile with built-in WordPress functions, but this function does the job.