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Code Samples

How to Center in CSS

This is the ultimate guide to centering elements like images, text, and just about anything else using CSS.

How to Link to the Customizer

You won't believe the simple solution for linking to the Customizer in WordPress. You can also link to panels, section, and controls too!

Avoiding get_theme_mod Errors

If you're getting an error related to the get_theme_mod function, the solution is simpler than you think. Check out this solution.

SimpleMap Shortcode Reference

The WordPress plugin SimpleMap doesn't have great documentation. This post stands as the unofficial shortcode documentation.

Inline SVG the Sane Way

Using SVGs in WordPress is awesome, but junking up your code is not. Keep your sanity. Use SVGs in your code like this.

Returning a submit button

The WordPress submit_button function normally echos the submit button. Find out how to return it, like from a function, instead.

How to Add a Class to a Metabox

Toggling the visibility of a metabox using a form requires the metabox to have a custom class. This is how to add custom classes to a metabox.

Find User ID by User MetaData

Getting a particular user by their metadata is not possibile with built-in WordPress functions, but this function does the job.