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Using WordPress Plugin Boilerplate

This afternoon, I presented "Using WordPress Plugin Boilerplate" at WordCamp Dayton. I want to make everything easy to find, so here are the links from my presentation: Presentation: Sample … [Read More...]


WordCamp Dayton 2015

I've been accepted to speak at WordCamp Dayton this year! I'll be speaking on using WordPress Plugin Boilerplate. I've been using this for the past few months for all my plugins and found it be extremely useful and well done. I'll be going over the basics of how it works, why you'd want to use it, … [Read More...]

The SimpleMap Shortcode

For a recent client, I used the plugin SimpleMap, which uses a custom post type for managing locations (think store locations) and Google Maps location search for the front-end using a shortcode. Practically every setting in the plugin can overridden in the shortcode, which is really cool for us … [Read More...]

ArtistDataPress updated to v0.72!

Its been a long year. I've been trying to get back to ADP and finally had a break in the schedule. So I resolved the larger issues people have brought up on the WordPress support forums. First off, if anyone feels I abandoned the plugin, please forgive me. Paid gigs come before free plugins. … [Read More...]


Sane Inline SVG

Like everyone else these days, I've totally jumped onboard the SVG train. They're scalable and easy to use. If you put them inline, they are style-able and reduce server requests, which helps your SEO. Sadly, they also bork up your code. There's nothing more disappointing than combing through … [Read More...]