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Sane Inline SVG

Like everyone else these days, I've totally jumped onboard¬†the SVG train. They're scalable and easy to use. If you put them inline, they are style-able and reduce server requests, which helps your SEO. Sadly, they also bork up your code. There's nothing more disappointing than combing through … [Read More...]

Child themes for WooThemes

I've been using child themes for several years now, but I'd never used one with theme by¬†WooThemes. Most of my clients needed simple customizing, so I used WooTheme's backend options to make the changes. A recent client needed a bit more than I could do through their backend though. I started off … [Read More...]

Updating the database in option.php

The Trail of the Saved Option

WARNING: In this article, I ask you to alter core WordPress files while troubleshooting. Please remember to undo any changes you make so WordPress continues working correctly. I do NOT advise making these changes on a public-facing website. Recently, I've been troubleshooting why my options for a … [Read More...]


BP Profile Widgets 0.5 is out!

This is a major update for this plugin. One thing everyone asked for is multiple instances. Since this plugin creates a BuddyPress profile field (or two) for each widget, it was a bit challenging to figure this one out. But, I did and you now have up to 5 instances of each widget available! The … [Read More...]


BP Profile Widgets

I'm excited to announce I've finally updated my BuddyPress plugins! I combined them all into one plugin called BP Profile Widgets. This version has many awesome upgrades like being able to select which widgets are available to use through the plugin options. When you select a widget, the plugin … [Read More...]