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ArtistDataPress updated to v0.72!

Its been a long year. I've been trying to get back to ADP and finally had a break in the schedule. So I resolved the larger issues people have brought up on the WordPress support forums. First off, if anyone feels I abandoned the plugin, please forgive me. Paid gigs come before free plugins. … [Read More...]


Sane Inline SVG

Like everyone else these days, I've totally jumped onboard¬†the SVG train. They're scalable and easy to use. If you put them inline, they are style-able and reduce server requests, which helps your SEO. Sadly, they also bork up your code. There's nothing more disappointing than combing through … [Read More...]

Child themes for WooThemes

I've been using child themes for several years now, but I'd never used one with theme by¬†WooThemes. Most of my clients needed simple customizing, so I used WooTheme's backend options to make the changes. A recent client needed a bit more than I could do through their backend though. I started off … [Read More...]

Updating the database in option.php

The Trail of the Saved Option

WARNING: In this article, I ask you to alter core WordPress files while troubleshooting. Please remember to undo any changes you make so WordPress continues working correctly. I do NOT advise making these changes on a public-facing website. Recently, I've been troubleshooting why my options for a … [Read More...]


BP Profile Widgets 0.5 is out!

This is a major update for this plugin. One thing everyone asked for is multiple instances. Since this plugin creates a BuddyPress profile field (or two) for each widget, it was a bit challenging to figure this one out. But, I did and you now have up to 5 instances of each widget available! The … [Read More...]